Beer University - Kingsport Oktoberfest


September 13th, 2014

Beer University

We are expanding Beer University for 2014 to 2 venues inside the Smith Brothers Harley Craft Bier Garden.  Beer University looks to continue on the success of 2013 with many jam packed sessions, to give you some options to choose from in 2014.  We feel that a Craft Bier Garden isn’t complete unless we provide you the opportunity to learn about all aspects of the beer.  It is this ‘Growing to Glass’ education that brings a full appreciation of Craft Breweries.   You get access to Beer University with your Craft Bier Garden Sampling Ticket, along with your commemorative tasting glass.

Beer University will provide you with unique beers you’ve never tasted before.  That’s because some of the brews are made just for Beer University.  Also, we have a Rare and Specialty Cask tasting for all the Beer Connoisseurs.   These Rare and Specialty Casks will be available at different times throughout the day for you to sample during Beer University.   Also, we will have infusers, where we make unique brews on site. From a Coffee Porter to a Jalapeño Lager, and everything in-between.  If you love beer, you will love these unique, rare and specialty brews.


Throughout the day, we will have sessions from brewers on the unique qualities of their brewery as well as beer education sessions.  From our 2012 Beer University, we had the following sessions and look to update this for 2013 as we build out the fun and educational sessions throughout the day.

Bluetick Brewery will discuss Brewer CoOps.
SmokeyMountainBrewery125x Smoky Mountain Brewery will discuss German Lagers, what makes it so different.
WolfHillsBrewing125x Wolf Hills Brewing will discuss Real Ales Brewing and the finer points of how to brew in the real ales process.
HighlandBrewingCo125x Highland Brewing Company will discuss their small batch pilot system along with discussions on how they ensure quality in their brewing process.
MoccasinBendBrewery125x Moccasin Bend Brewery Company will discuss the pros and cons of starting a nano brewery and upstarts.
StudioBrew125x Studio Brew will discuss the unique aspects of Barrel Aging & Conditioning and how that impacts the home brewing process.
SawWorksBrewing125x Saw Works Brewing will discuss brewing Real English Ales.  Saw Works will also discuss sustainability in brewing and how the brewing process benefits the environment.

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