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TN Idiotarod Race - Kingsport Oktoberfest


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Idiotarod Race

September 28th, 2013

Norfolk Southern Railroad Tennessee Idiotarod Race

Tennessee Idiotarod Race
The Tennessee Idiotarod is a shopping cart race in which teams of five “idiots” grab onto or tie themselves to a (sometimes modified) grocery store shopping cart and run through the streets of Kingsport. The race usually features people in costumes and themed carts. It’s a lot of crazy fun and unique in it is also a Food Drive with a percentage of the proceeds going to the 2nd Harvest Food Bank. It’s the most fun you’re going to have giving back!
Danger Zone Team



What in the world is the TENNESSEE IDIOTAROD RACE

First a quick bit of background, The Idiotarod is named after the ‘Iditarod’, a 1,000 mile dog-sledding race in Alaska. It of course has been modified for the street and “idoit” added for fun competition where sabotage, costume, and presentation are rewarded. Sabotage such as tripping up competitors, throwing marbles or large obstacles in their paths, and the spreading of misinformation such as false route information are common. It’s all in fun and all for a worthy cause, but if you’re in to TRICKERY- read this

Idiotarod Race Teams

OK, so let’s do this! (click here if you’re ready to roll- or read on….)

  • Each team must consist of 3-5 runners, a shopping cart and 5 cans of food per person. The race is limited to the first 100 teams.
  • All participants must sign our beautiful waiver or if you’re a minor your parent must be willing to sign our beautiful waiver, which you can download off our beautiful site. Just print the parent and child’s name and have the parents signature on the form.
  • All participants must be willing to lose their dignity.
  • All participants must read the official rules.
  • All participants must come up with a super cool name for their team.
  • All participants must agree to be responsible for their actions and carts through the course of the day.
  • All participants must be willing to dress up. (It’s not required, but honestly you might look a little weird if you show up in normal street clothing . . . just sayin’)…


We’ve got a 2013 Tennessee Idiotarod Poster you can print off – click here if you want one.

Each team of three-five racers and their shopping cart may form Organizations which encompass multiple teams or utilize additional people who do not run with the cart.

Each team must go from the starting line, to each checkpoint and then to the finish line.

The five racers in a team must be in some way connected to or touching the cart at all times along the route, when the cart is not stationed at the checkpoints.

While the cart is moving during the race, four racers must be forward of the back wheels of the cart (the “sled dog”position) and one racer must be behind the cart (the “musher” position). Racers within a team may switch positions whenever they choose.

The racers must pull/push the cart on foot for the whole route. The cart may not be motorized, towed by a vehicle, attached to motor vehicles or bicycles, or put inside a motor vehicle.

The same five racers must pull/push the cart for the whole race. Substitutions will cause disqualification of the team.

Carts can be modified, welded, broken, rearranged, and decorated in any way the team chooses. All original pieces of the cart must be present with the cart during the race.

Teams may attach platforms which allow them to “ride” the cart.

For prizes not based upon order across the finish line, a points system will be used to tally positive and negative accomplishments of each team. Judges and race officials will be at checkpoints and along the route to increase or deduct points for teams. Prizes may be awarded to specific teams, or to organizations of teams.

At the completion of the race, each participant will receive a complementary Tennessee Oktoberfest sampling Mason Jar, and if of age- a pint of beer to put in it.

The Committee has sole discretion over all points awarded or deducted, prizes awarded, which prizes are being awarded, race rules, all laws of physics, what time it is, and what happened in the past, all of which are subject to change without notice.

Idiotarod Registration